Saturday, November 14, 2009

Roy J. Wasson 50th Anniversary Celebration - Guess Who is Doing the Invocation?

Tommorow my high school, Roy J. Wasson here in Colorado Springs, CO is having a 50th anniversary celebration.
The school opened in 1959, and was at the time the second high school in the city’s biggest district (District 11).  The school was well thought of for a long-time, and when I attended we were usually first or second in GPA and test scores. 

They are following the same progam as the one from 1959, and that original program had an invocation from the local Unitarian minister at the time.  This was 1959, before prayer in school was banned.  As this is an event of the Alumni Association, they are including an invocation again this time...and guess who is doing it.  I will post tommorow my invocation. It is hard to write a prayer that is both true to my faith (evangelical though with strong Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions) but also acceptable for a larger audience.  We shall see how I do on that.

For a nice history of my old school, you can go here:


Posted by Christopher on 11/14 at 02:47 AM

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