Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Take on Global Warming - Going back to 2007

I have promised repeatedly to put up my large response on Global Warming that was necessitated by my support for the admittedly flawed documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.  That documentary has gotten a lot of crticism, and it is not without cause.  It does have an incorrect graph, it does make some overstatements, and it famously used quotes by Dr. Wunch that, while correctly, and in line with his pervious statements, we made not knowing this was an anti-global warming documentary and he felt lied to.  However, what Wunch is not a proponent of the alarmist Global Warming viewpoint and, as I just said, what he says does here and in his other writings (yes, I have read some of them) is true about higher temperatures come first and then the oceans release their CO2, which in general (there are periods with this was not true) shows that CO2 comes after and does not cause warming. 

Well, having said that, here is my response written in early 2007 on the issue.  I would love to see us get rid of carbon based fuels.  But until someone invents a new fuel source, we need it or, should we follow the direction of the alarmists, we will make the Dark Ages look like the good old days. 



Posted by Christopher on 12/31 at 05:11 PM


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