Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is the Book Dying?  An Interesting Piece on Reading in America

Come to our house and you will know instantly that we love books.  They are everywhere, especially of course in my office.  When I married my wife 13 years ago (and before I went to seminary, but while I was finishing my MBA), I had one small book shelf, and books were one shelf of it.  Today...books have taken over!  We love books.  I am a word person.  But...the book we hear is dying, and so is reading (not literacy, the ability, but actually reading something more than just a web post).  And in special trouble is the printed book.  Is this our future?


Well there is a very intersting artile on the website The New Atlantis on the printed page vs electronic.  Read it here:

And for an interesting read on the subject of the end of literacy, you really should check the well written if insultingly titled The Dumbest Generation:

Hugh Hewitt, the great political commentator and radio host has been asking whether the Republican Party can close the technology gap, but a bigger issue for both parties is not how they use technology, but whether a technophile culture is going to be able to understand ideas, ideology, history and economics enough to be the kind of populace that can keep itself free and prosperous.

As for me...I have my doubts

Posted by Christopher on 12/17 at 04:15 AM
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