Why “Experts” Never Agree with Normal People - Calling my Friend Brandon Fibbs a Film Snob

I have a friend who used to live in Colorado Springs, moved to New York for film school and now is living in D.C.  Brandon is a very smart fellow, and a great movie reviewer (hint: visit his website, http://www.brandonfibbs.com/). 


However, I offended Brandon with my response to his Top 10 Films of 2007.  To put if frankly, I had not seen any of the films on his list and gave him my top ten.  Well, Brandon called me on it and said, “Well duh, if you have not seen them, how do you know they are not better than what you saw?” (paraphrase, Brandon is far kinder than that).

However, there was a deeper issue at work than film taste.  In essence, I had marked Brandon out as an elitist.  And, lets be honest, on films he is (I say that with generosity and love). [It should be noted that I have also teased Brandon because it is clear that he and his wife are yet childless, because, as the father of three kids 6 and under, I don’t get to see many films and those I do, usually are animated.]

Posted by Christopher on 03/13 at 11:13 AM

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