What does the phrase Emotional Reasoning Mean to You?

Seeking advice from a wide audience.  I am working on a project on emotional reasoning, but as I have done my research this phrase is generally associated with making decisions based on emotional factors (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotional_reasoning ).  But what we are working on is not emotional decision making (which would be bad, though I think is more prevalent today than we want to admit), but emotional reasoning, or processing information through a series of emotional criteria and evaluations.  That does not mean you would not make a decision of response from a more varied set of decision making matrices – like logic, tradition, or tribal loyalty. 

Okay, beyond the work aspect of this, as one of those people who does a lot of “cognitive” processing through an emotional rather than a rational matrix, the existing understanding of this concept makes me sound like someone who is a danger to himself and others (admittedly, I am clinically bi-polar and when I am not taking care of my condition, I can be).  But is not a more integrated approach going to process information through, at least in part, their emotional centre?  Let me know your thoughts at .

Posted by Christopher on 11/13 at 02:45 AM

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