Obama as Postmodernist - Jonah Goldberg Hits On a Key Point

Look, whether you are an Obamaniac or some one who thinks that Obama is a lightweight, you need to look at what he says (come on...he hasn’t really done anything, so we are left with his words, in much the same way that Lincoln, who of course had done somethings, but it was his words that we was judged by). 

What does it mean to have a postmodernist presidential candidate in a day and age when we are engaged with cultures that range from the postmodern to the pre-modern and everything else in between.

First...read Jonah’s brilliant piece at USA Today:  http://blogs.usatoday.com/oped/2008/08/obama-the-postm.html#more

Posted by Christopher on 08/05 at 01:12 PM

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