Great Article on Carrie Prejean and 17 year old Mistakes vs. 21 year old Mistakes

You know by now the controversy regarding the Miss USA pagent, when the blogger called “Perez Hilton” who has made a name for himself by outing people in Hollywood and tafficing in gossip asked Miss California “do you agree with gay marriage” which should never have been asked in a pagent at all.  Now Carrie Prejean has become a spokesperson for the traditional marriage movement, a movement i might add that is still in agreement with about 60% of Americans.  Now they have dug up a picture of her from when she was age 17 that is semi-toppless (I will not post to it, as i think it qualifies as lite pornography). 


What to make of all this?  Well Kathreen Jean Lopez of National Review and Seth Leibsohn of the Claremont Institute have a great piece entiteld “Naked in the Naked Public Square.” You can read it here:

I agree with most of what they had to say (I think they were harder on Miley Cyrus and her dad then I would be, since I think they got snookered and simply trusted the wrong person), but it got me to thinking about Ms Perjean and what good will come of this for her.  After the jump you will find the email I sent to Madam Lopez, the queen of

Posted by Christopher on 05/07 at 11:45 PM

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