GenerationME - Post 2 - Living Anyway You Want

Sorry for the delay in picking up this stream again. Confession: got roped into the convention coverage.  Back to GenerationMe…

Jean M. Twenge on page 19 gives us this great little paragraph with a statistic that you know to be true, but when you think about should you give pause:

The strict rules of previous decades went far beyond appearance...Overall, duty and responsibility were held more important than individual needs and wants.  There were certain things you did, certain things you said, and certain things you didn’t talk about.  End of story.  Today, few of these rules apply. We are driven instead by our individual needs and desires.  We are told to follow our dreams, to pursue happiness above all else.  It’s OK to be different, and you should do what’s right for you. Compared to Boomer in 1973, GenMe is twice as likely to agree with the statement “There is no single right way to live.” Yong people say that the most important quality a child can learn is “to think for himself or herself,” and only half as many young people as old say that obedience is a good lesson for children.


Posted by Christopher on 09/08 at 03:27 PM

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