An Interesting Read - David Mamet on the Conversion to Clear Thinking

I regularly read lots of article each day, but some are more interesting than others.  Thanks to Drudge I came across this little piece from David Mamet, reknowned playwrite, and now former liberal.

His assumptions about life, about people, about government are all ones that at some point everyone holds.  We want to think that government is there to help us, we want to think people are good.  But the fact is, people are endowed with selfishness and pride, and do not always act for the good, no matter how much schooling they get (hello Elliott Spitzer). And government is made up of people. He makes about as convincing an argument as I have heard for the free market view of life in one article.  Read and enjoy (warning, he does swear, this is the Village Voice afterall).,374064,374064,1.html/full

Posted by Christopher on 03/12 at 03:26 PM

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