Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Changing Society - Socialization of GenerationMe

In my work with The National Training Team of The Navigators I have gotten to be an advisor to the very fine work they have done in creating a new Bible Study and related tools (really, a whole new way of doing ministry) called Connect.  The series tries to take into account the major shifts in a whole series of important sociological trends, from post-literacy to postmodernism to post-guilt.  If you read this website, you already know that I think one of the most important books of the past few years is GenerationMe by Dr. Jean M. Twenge.  Well, much of what she writes about I have tried to encapsulate as an explanation of the changes that underlie our new Connect Series (available at here:

If you are interested, please read this paper and itneract with me on these socialization trends and others you think I should have addressed.  I appreciate all any feedback you want to give me.

Christopher Morton at

Posted by Christopher on 12/18 at 04:26 AM

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