Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Want to Suppprt The Morton Family Ministry

Did you know that I serve with The Navigators?  The Navigators, like a lot of ministries, require its staff to fund raise for their own salary.  That means asking people like you who have either been blessed by my ministry or who feel led to parnter with me help me do my job by giving to The Navigators in my name.  Great news is that your contributions are 100% tax deductible.  You can contribute at:

Want to know what Tanya and I have been doing?  Here is our latest newsletter:  Morton_Saltshaker_Nov_2008.doc

In January and February I will be going overseas for two weeks for a taeching ministry trip to England and to Africa (cannot say more...).  Would you consider giving a one-time gift to help me go and serve the church around the world?  The total cost of the trip is about $4000, so we are really needing some additional support in order to do this trip smile

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Global Warming’s End and Kyoto’s?  Bringing Truth and Common Sense Back to Conservation and Ecology

I am firm believer that all conservatives as well as all Christians should be interested in stewardship of the Earth. My family is vegetarian, composting, granolas...but we are decidedly believers that Global Warming and Al Gore are the biggest load of tosh since...Y2K. Do I think we should be careful with our use of non-renewable fuels? You bet. Less pollution? A must. But Global Warming is bad science, bad research (couldn’t they ever afford with all those millions in grants to hire a statiscian), bad politics, and bad economics. Now the data is becoming impossible to ignore - temps have been stable to falling since 1998. We are basically at the stage of climate science as we were in understanding the human body when people thought bumps on your head could tell your future. What is worse is that we have failed to address real ecological issues why rich Westerners were busy trying to destroy world economies.

The good news is that it looks like the Son of Kyoto is essentially dead, or at least so sickly that we do not have to worry about global treaties impacting our economy and foreign policy.  Now if we can just get Obama to pass on “Cap and Trade”! 

Well, here are a few important articles for your persual.  We have to fight lies.  Lets tackle real ecology issues - clean water, clean air (in India and China since ours outside of LA is pretty good) and the like, and send Al Gore and his Big Lie to the scrape heap of history.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Personal Update

Hi, if you enjoy this website or have enjoyed my handouts, and want to support my ministry, click on the link below.  Also, take a look at our family photo.

Donate to The Navigators and me:


November 2005 Prayer Letter

June 2004 Prayer Letter

December 2004 Prayer Letter

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Friday, October 15, 2004

About Christopher

All About Me

Family : Married over nine years to Tanya (with her beutiful smile).  Two incredible kids, Alethea Natasha now 3 and Justus Athanasius now 1 (AKA Doodlebug and Squigglebuns).

Education:  BSBA in Accounting in 1991 from Univ. of Colorado, MBA from Univ of Colorado in 1995, MA in Theology from Fuller Seminary (world’s greatest seminary) in 1999 (Tanya graduated in 2001),

Currently enrolled at Nazarene Theological College/Univ. of Manchester (U.K.) with hoped for completion in 2006 - Thesis title: Becoming Truly Human: Sanctification and the Relational God.

Home: Colorado Springs, CO (the world’s greatest place to live).

Workplace:  The Navigators - serving as Special Researcher to U.S. President of The Navigators.  (

Church: First Presbyterian Church (the countries best PCUSA Church) (


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