Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Take on Global Warming - Going back to 2007

I have promised repeatedly to put up my large response on Global Warming that was necessitated by my support for the admittedly flawed documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.  That documentary has gotten a lot of crticism, and it is not without cause.  It does have an incorrect graph, it does make some overstatements, and it famously used quotes by Dr. Wunch that, while correctly, and in line with his pervious statements, we made not knowing this was an anti-global warming documentary and he felt lied to.  However, what Wunch is not a proponent of the alarmist Global Warming viewpoint and, as I just said, what he says does here and in his other writings (yes, I have read some of them) is true about higher temperatures come first and then the oceans release their CO2, which in general (there are periods with this was not true) shows that CO2 comes after and does not cause warming. 


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Monday, December 29, 2008

Is the Global Warming Crowd (sorry, Global Climate Change) finally headed for defeat

Since the day in 1989 when Al Gore called Dr. James Hansen to the Senate hearings to tell us of the coming threat of Global Warming we have seen a twenty year battle for the minds, souls, and economies of the world.  No, I am not being melodramatic.  In the name of global warming we have had heads of countries pushing “global governance,” heads of enviro group and journalists calling for the death of airline executives when there are floods in Bangladesh, and many saying democracy has to be put to the side (and with it free speech) in the name of stopping global warming. 

Despite all their best efforts they have not been able to convince the majority of average Americans this is a priority.  Now around the globe many others have begun to notice one big problem - the world stopped warming in 1998 (which was not the warmest year ever, or even on record), and we have now had 10 years of slight cooling.  All this despite tons more CO2 going into the atmosphere (of course as one of the great British enviromentalist and now global warming skeptic said, CO2 is natures fertilizer, not a pollutant).  Look, as a theologian I am a great believer in stewarding the globe so that it honours God and supports best the diversity of life on it. But we live in a finite world.  We could easily reduce the problem of man’s impact on the globe by committing species-wide suicide of ourselves.  And don’t laugh, there are some in the enviro movement who see that mass human depopulation is a good thing.

But we live in a world where there are tradeoffs.  To get to the levels specified by the 2008 Liberman/Warner Senate bill we would have to reduce our economy to the levels of Haiti or Somolia.  Is it worth it to do this? Especially for no appreciable change in overall temperature (in the computer models, which have not predicted the last decades temperature fall, so you know what they are worth). 


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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Should Dutch Christians Call God Allah?  News from Religion in a Post-Christian World

If you have not heard about this little event in the Dutch town of Breda, read about it here:

Now the easiest answer to this is simply to call this man a fool, a tool of pluralism, and dismiss what he is doing.  Trust me, that is very tempting.  But there are deeper theological, linguistic, cultural, and apologetic issues at play, ones that I doubt our dear Bishop Muskens has not really thought about.


Posted by Christopher on 08/22 at 10:04 PM

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some Thoughts on Immigration Rally – Denver, CO May 1, 2006

Sorry that this took a few days to post, but sometimes our priorities are not set by us.  I continue to think a lot about this immigration issue. There are people I deeply like and respect who are on opposite sides of this, and not because they are racists (Laura Ingraham is funny and smart, and not a racist) or greedy (one friend is a recent immigrant and thinks the current policies just stink).  Did Monday’s marches make any difference to my thinking?

I happened to get to witness some of the Denver March for Immigrants on May 1.  This was one of the larger and more successful of the marches around the country.  So much of this discussion is oriented towards the politics, but before I get there, I want to mention a few observations:

1) Calling it a “Day without Immigrants” is not a good idea.  In lower downtown Denver (LoDo to those in the know), I saw a large number of immigrants working – Italians, Hispanics, Asian. It was clear from the looks on their faces, they didn’t like the fact that their contributions don’t matter to anyone, and yet there they are, first or 2nd generation immigrants working their tails off. 


Posted by Christopher on 05/03 at 05:44 PM
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Tom Tancredo - In the lead for Stupidest thing said this year?

In case you didn’ hear, one of our Colorado Congressmen, Tom Tancredo (R) implied, in a “hypotetical scenario” that maybe we should have plans to bomb Mecca should a U.S. city be nuked.  No, really…

I didn’t get clued into this today until I checked Hugh Hewitt’s website and found out what Rep. Tancredo said.  Beyond dumb.  Just plain stupidly silly.  Tom, here are a few major things to consider:

1) Mecca is a holy site to Muslims in a way that no Christian city can be or should be.  The closest connection is the orthodox Jewish appoach to Jerusalem and the land of Palestine.  But that is a tiny minority within worldwide Judaism. The Haj to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Isalm to all of the world’s 1 Billion Muslims.

2) The United States military includes thousands of Muslims soldiers.  Are you seriously suggesting they should be ordered to bomb one of their two most holy sites?


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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hit the Civil War Battle Fields

I am not a big fan of Marvin Olasky in general.  I have had more than a few exchanges with his magazine, Word Magazine, over it coverag of the gender neutral Bible translation put out by The International Bible Society (buy a TNIV and see if Jesus is still a man and he is the Saviour - he is).  But I like to give kudos where they belong:

As you may or many not know, I am a huge Civl War buff.  I have read almost as much on the period from 1860 to 1865 as I have theology (which is saying something).  Unfortunately I have never actually been to a battlefield. I get asked from time to time to recommend a site for people going on vacation.  I can tell them what I have read, but here is a great little article from someone who has been there and knows.  Read Marvin Olasky’s article on Townhall and follow his recommendations!

Shelby Foote recommends that you visit the battlefields at the time of year when the battle happened.  That way you get a feel for the weather, the foliage, the lenght of day, etc.  Do that for these sites, and you will have a thrill of a lifetime!

Posted by Christopher on 06/23 at 05:39 AM
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Republican Strategies for 2006

Hugh Hewitt’s Essay contest includes another question: What should the GOP do in 2006?  While I am not a partisan Republican, I do have my own suggestions.

I am a Christian first foremost and always. Having said that I do vote in American elections, and, if you have followed this website for anytime, you know that I advocated for Bush in 04. 

What I desire to see is the GOP become a party that stands for life in all areas-not just on abortion and stem cells.  So my suggestions are rooted not just in popular politics, which I believe these suggestions will help sway and elect Republicans, but also in the desire to address issues that orthodox Christians should be concerend about:

1) The depriving of the right to a good education to the poor trapped in America’s worst public schools.
2) A generous immigration party that helps people avoid becoming criminals and being exploited by those who care more for greed than humane treatment of all of God’s image bearers and
3) Upholding marriage as an institution that celebrates the family, not personal fulfillment (whatever that means) first and foremost.


Posted by Christopher on 05/25 at 04:29 PM
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Who are the Religious Right?

Hugh Hewitt is running an essay contest.  The first of his two questions is one that I think must be answered so the new cycle can gain more clarity-- Who are the Religious Right?

The term “Religious Right” gets used a lot in the media.  Just in the articles since Sunday returned 167 seperate hits that included that phrase.  Using the phrase is easy.  Telling others what it really means?  Now that is hard. 

Does it include me?  I am pro-life, against homosexual marriage, a registered Republican, but also hold two graduate degrees and am close to completely a doctorate (granted in theology). I am also a vegetarian, environmentally conscious, and a devotee of popular culture.  So, am I part of the Religious Right??? 


Posted by Christopher on 05/25 at 04:22 PM
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Thursday, October 14, 2004

On Lesbian Daughters - The Gospel’s Good News for Lesbian Daughters and Gay Sons

After the hubbub over the Mary Cheney comment in the 3rd 2004 Presidential Debate, I was forced to ask, as a Christian, how do we share the good news of Jesus without telling people to be like us up front?

I, like many of you, was surprised that Kerry brought up Mary Cheney last night.  Now let’s be clear, just about everyone knew Ms. Cheney is a lesbian. Her sexual preference is not news. The question is, what does her sexuality have to do with the candidacy? 


Posted by Christopher on 10/14 at 10:22 PM
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