Friday, April 27, 2007

Why I Changed My Mind on a Mormon in the White House

Okay, let me make clear.  I still do not think that Mormonism is within the traditional Christian family (defined by agreement with the Nicean formulation).  It is not a cult, but, as best as I can discern from reading scholarly articles by Mormon scholars and those who study their theology, it is closer to the Gnostic theologies of the 2nd through 4th centuries, with uniquely American elements.  That doesn’t make it sick and wrong, but as a theologian committed to the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom and the unique reality of the Incarnation of Jesus and his death and resurrection, I still cannot see it, as a whole theological tradition, as the path to true fellowship with the Triune God. 


Posted by Christopher on 04/27 at 04:25 PM

Another Post on Why Hugh Hewitt Is the Best

I will write more about the meeting of Hugh Hewitt later today when i can hook my camera up (got a pic with him - too cool). 

Last night though he, in his great humility, said I loved the show because the great guests he has...and yes, it is true to an extent.


Posted by Christopher on 04/27 at 03:46 PM

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hugh Hewitt - Live and in Person

Okay, you all know that I have a host-crush on Hugh Hewitt. I think he is the absolute best talk show host in the business and he has even made me think seriously about voting for Mitt Romney (which is saying something).  Actually, I think a Fred Thompason/Mitt candiate team would be great!

Well, tonight he is signing copies of his book at local Barnes and Noble.  And after missing about a dozen chance to meet him in person, I get to meet him tonight (if I buy his book and walk up to get it signed).  I am alll a flutter.

By the way, his post today on the religious test for President and the anti-Mormon bigotry (of which I must admit I get close to because of some past experiences with Mormons and my own theological interests but have been chastened by Hugh), see this link here:

Posted by Christopher on 04/26 at 09:28 PM

Monday, April 23, 2007

Okay, What is this About Toilet Paper?

Please tell me this is a joke, and not a real life story:

Look, I know that everony today is talking about this, and it does seem to violate my previous post about “nothing important to write on.” But this is one is too rich not to talk about.


Posted by Christopher on 04/23 at 07:06 PM

What to do when there is nothing worth talking about

As you notice, i have been slow on the updating of late.  Why is that?  Well, working quasi-full-time, raising three kids, and all the other sundry things of life have made posting a less high priority.  But there is something more.

Honestly, the evens of most of March and April just were not worth commenting.  The Dems pass a bill putting in a retreat date.  Yawn, heard it before.  The Oscars give the Best Animated Film to Happy Feet.  Silly, insane, but, what else needs be said.  Baseball is back, but its still April.  Wait til the summer for that one.

Of course last week saw a few biggies happen.  But truthfully, I did not want to comment on Va. Tech because there really was nothing to say - Evil is Evil, and a lot of good people were killed.  My prayers and condolensces go out to the families, but too much was said too quickly on the event.

So, I wonder, what do I have to add?

Posted by Christopher on 04/23 at 07:01 PM

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