Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Musings for the Week Ending February 9, 2007 – Super Bowl-Ads, Global Warming, Anna and Hugh

Again, sorry this column is two days late.  Working on work projects.  A relatively interesting week, though hardly news stopping.  But here are my theologian style thoughts on the Super Bowl, Global Warming (week 2), Anna Nicole and Hugh Hewitt.

Super Bowl Ads – Yawn and Ick – When I say ick I am not referring to the Snickers ad with the two guys, um, meeting at the mouth.  I mean simply that the ads were generally crass, boring, and overdone.  For one thing, your Nationwide Insurance Company.  Your customer base is people over 40, because that is who buys annuities…not people 25 and under (who are the only people who even know who, ack, KFED is).  Nationwide, whoever bought this advertisement should be working washing the Nationwide blimp.

The rest of the ads were either stupid or overdone.  The two ads I found most interesting – the Bud and Bud Lite commercials.  The Bud Lite with the mass murderish person that the young couple picks up because he has Bud Lite – well it is very funny, but, really, if you are willing to risk your life for a six-pack, that is the sign it is time to check into a AA program.


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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Random Musings for the Week Ending Feb 2, 2007 - On Global Warming and Super Coaches

How do you know it has been a slow week newswise? When the entire media becomes focused on the victims of the tornados in Florida.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a tragedy, but tornados and tornado destruction and death are a regular feature of life in the United States, so why the 24-7 coverage?  Slow news week.  Though that doesn’t mean we cannot be in prayer for all the folks who lost loved ones, homes and jobs in the tornados.  With that note, this week’s two main stories.

Global Warming Report – Big Yawn - So the U.N. releases its summary of its report that is not coming out until May.  And the results?  Well, if you read the press releases, it is now undoubted that the Earth is warming, that the cause is human beings, and that we have a decade to repair the damage.

The actual facts – they reduced their estimates to 3 degree C rise over the next century, they admit of the now 9 factors in climate (down from 12 by combining some), they still cannot accurately estimate 6 of them.  In other words…they don’t really know but they are committed to the idea of global warming being true.


Posted by Christopher on 02/06 at 12:38 AM
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