Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nominee for Most Idiotic Statement - Brooke Anderson compares Baby Pitt to Jesus

Look, I understand that living in a postmodern world means the end of an understanding of history.  But this is incredible:


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Ann Coulter - Please Be Quiet

I don’t want to give this too much time or space. I am not a big Ann Coulter fan.  I think she has a lot of good things to say, but unfortunately for her, her schtick has become more important than her message these days.


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The Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - A Theologian’s Response

I turned on the televsion this morning so the kids could watch Clifford, and what did I see - a news conference from Iraq with a picture of Zarqawi alive, and one of him dead.  The leader of Al-Qada in Iraq has left this world, along with seven of this partners.  What are we to think of this?

I want to stress, I am not a foreign policy or military analyst (though I like to play an amateur one on television).  From the political/policy perspective, the death of the terrorist leader will probably have only minimal impact in the short-term, assuming that attacks have already been planned.  In the long-term, this is important because it does behead (sorry for the choice of words) the organization (since it was not just Abu who was killed), and makes it clear to those perpetrating the crimes against the Iraqi people that they will be caught up to, and that the people will betray them. 

What motivated me to write was the comment from one of Colorado’s U.S. Representatives, Bob Beuprez.  He said “today is a great day for humanity.” Is it?


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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Colorado Rockies - Baseball Badboys or Angels?

If you have not heard about the USA Today article on the Rockes that appeared last week, click here to read a copy.

The basic theme of the article is that the team has a lot of Christians, that it makes for a good clubhouse, and that the ownership and management of the team are trying to build a winning team around Christian principles.  I heard the author of the article on radio here in Colorado last week, and he said he thought it was a fairly feel-good story, that people are very religious in America, and therefore there was no intent in publishing the story except to share one team’s different philosophy. 


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Return to Blogging and Why You Should Think Twice About a PhD.

I have been out of touch for two weeks, working my proverbial tail off trying to get my doctoral thesis completed (not even final final) before my professor went off-line for three weeks to Africa.  Sorry I didn’t tell everyone that ahead of time...I never expected to be off-line that long.


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