Saturday, August 27, 2005

On Native American Nicknames and Being Offended

Okay, time to pipe up on the NCCA and their war against Native American nicknames.

Native American Logos – Offence Anyone?

A couple of weeks ago the NCCA decided that Native American names for college teams should be removed, due to the insensitivity of the usage and the offense given to Native American populations.  Since that time they have backed down now on the Florida State Seminoles and will probably be doing more so in the weeks ahead.  Whatever you think of the decision by the NCCA, this latest move has proven that sports announcers may in fact be the stupidest people in the media, and that is saying quite a bit.

On what basis do I make such a statement?  Listening Saturday morning (I guess it was about noon or so) to ESPN radio the host said, “If someone is offended, they you change so they aren’t anymore.” Now, that is quite a statement.  If someone is offended?  Lets see…


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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Christianity and Islam - The Same God?  One Roving Theologian’s Take

Hugh Hewitt today on his website asks whether Islam and Christianity do indeed worship the same God. He asked for theologians’ takes on this. So, here we go....

I want to add up front, that I am a great admirer or Islam and of Islamic culture, so this should in no way should be taken as in any way disrespectful of Islam. I base my statements solely on both Christian and Islamic theology and practicec.

The talk show Hugh Hewitt ( asks today on his website, in the light of Pope Benedict’s recent statement to Muslims, “The question of whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God is a tricky one upon which Christians disagree,” is the understatement of the decade. I am no theologian. But I am interested in what the theologians have to say on this crucial issue.”

Well, as a theologian (the PhD is almost done) and a more than amateur student of Islam, I wonder whether the question can ever be answered fully.  As a believer that there is no God but Yahweh, who exists as perpetual Trinity and is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, the incarnation of the 2nd person, there is a fundamental belief that any prayer being offered to any God can only go to the one God. But that is the cheat way out of the argument.


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Where Have All the Good Movies Gone

Not that I have any time to see them, but why are there no good movies out this year?

Sure sure, people enjoyed the last Star Wars, and some liked Batman.  I enjoyed the Penguin movie (the Natl Geo one, not Madagascar).  But, there doesnt seem to be the kind of movies out this year that make you go, “I really need to see that.”

Is part of the problem the dearth of movies that rely on script instead of action and nudity? Right now at my favourite theater:

5 R Movies
7 PG-13 Movies
2 PG Movies
1 G

Now, there are good, well acted, well dialogued movies in all categories, but these days it seems that the PG13 movies just use “big boobs” and “big booms” to try and bring in audiences.  Heck, I’d take good cinemetography at this point.

Anyways, just a rant today.  I wonder if people in every generation ask, “Why dont they make good _____ anymore?"b

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dumbest Thing Said Leader in August

I will admit that I have a soft spot for Pat Robertson.  I know I shouldn’t, but, I can’t help liking the guy.  But what a boob!  Do you say that on national television and then when caught, don’t simply apologize and admit, “I say stupid things sometimes, we all do, and I was wrong, especially as a Christian, to call for the assisination of an elected leader of another nation.”

Look, the fact is that when Pat R said the “take em out” comment, he was dead wrong. First off, Venezuela elected him, they have the right to him.  An attempted coup and recall both failed, and the recall election, though still with many question marks, was certified by the paragon of election, James Earl Carter. So, tough. We do not have to like other nations leaders, but that is the glory of democracy.  Now, should Chavez not step down in three more years when his term is supposed to be up, yes, we should go the sanction route and support opposition parties and efforts.

But as a Christian leader, a man who I do believe sincerly loves God at least as much as his fame, that was the dumbest thing I have heard this month.  I don’t think that assaination of elected leaders falls under the just war criteria.  There simply is no excuse for advocating that, especially in the course of a Christian program. If you want to advocate that away from your electornic pulpit, knock yourself out.  But in it???  Duh!

Having said that...we do need to come up with a plan to deal with Mr. Chavez, who is a demagogue of the first order.  But assisination?  Did we go back in time to the 4th century BC?

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Imperative of the War in Iraq

As a theologian, I get asked my opinion on the idea of just war and whether people should be in favour of the war in Iraq.  The subject though is neither easy nor simple.  With all do deference to Cindy Sheehan and the Michael Moore’s of the world, just pulling out of Iraq is not going to change the world we live in.  So, here is my take on it...The Imperative of the War in Iraq

The events of recent days regarding the war in Iraq have deeply touched many Americans. Whether it be the loss of the Marines from Ohio, the repeated car bombings, including the bombing that killed dozens of Iraqi children, and of course the media coverage around the mother of a dead soldier, Cindy Sheehan, has reminded us that we are in a real war, with real casualties.  Living as I do in city with many military bases, including a U.S. Army post that has suffered hundreds of casualties, these events have touched me and brought a renewed concentration on this war which is clearly still far from its last stages.  Clearly I am not alone as the polling agencies have been pumping out a regular set of new and more pessimistic results showing that the majority (and a growing number at that) now disagree with the war (or at least its current handling).  While I readily admit that I am an evangelical Christian theologian and a Republican, I take no joy from war anywhere.  No one I know does.  But, the question you must ask yourself is, “What is worse than war?”


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Christopher’s Summer 2005 Manchester Weblog - Postscript

It took me a few weeks to pull together the last bit of my trip to Manchester.  The following entry covers my final day and my trip home.  Word to the wise...never ride with a lost cabbie or sit on a plane with someone drinking vodka straight from the bottle.

Okay, I know I have been home three weeks now, but I have been wanting to share with you my final day and flight home from Manchester.  I mean, after all, since it was me, you knew that things would not be normal.

When last I had written it was Friday and I was busy getting ready for coming home.  Of course there are always last minute things to do, like making a billons copies of German articles and books that I just can’t seem to find in the US.  So, I spent a good deal of time at the Rylands library “making copies.” Finishing that work, I hoped onto the bus to head back to Didsbury. One stop after I got on, a young Muslim man got on the bus and came up to the upper deck and sat across from me.  Now, in Manchester this is nothing unusual, but this was a week after the bombings in London, and this young man was, well, scary. He was very nervous, carry a large backpack, wearing a heavy jacket (on an 80 degree day).  Well, as you might well guess, everyone (including the two Muslim men who had been talking very loudly and messing around at the front of the bus) became quiet and stared at this young man.  He just sat there, staring forward, fiddling with his backpack.  For two miles we all just sat there, in dead quiet (which is strange on a bus in Manchester because normally people are all talking on their cell phones or instant messaging on their phones so you hear people clicking away).  When he finally got off the bus there was a noticeable exhalation and everyone started to breath again.  Then, as if it was ingrained in all of us, we all seemed to be thinking, “Was that racist of me?” Well, I don’t have an answer. All I know is that it certainly makes you think twice nowadays about hoping on a bus anywhere in the world.


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Backup and Running

Hello! Sorry the site has not been being updated for the past month. A few technical difficulties and also been buried since coming back from England. Should be back blogging daily from now on.

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