Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Judicial Compromises

So is this deal a good one?

I have been listenind and reading to the coverage of the great 11th hour compromise of the 14.  Does it matter?


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Republican Strategies for 2006

Hugh Hewitt’s Essay contest includes another question: What should the GOP do in 2006?  While I am not a partisan Republican, I do have my own suggestions.

I am a Christian first foremost and always. Having said that I do vote in American elections, and, if you have followed this website for anytime, you know that I advocated for Bush in 04. 

What I desire to see is the GOP become a party that stands for life in all areas-not just on abortion and stem cells.  So my suggestions are rooted not just in popular politics, which I believe these suggestions will help sway and elect Republicans, but also in the desire to address issues that orthodox Christians should be concerend about:

1) The depriving of the right to a good education to the poor trapped in America’s worst public schools.
2) A generous immigration party that helps people avoid becoming criminals and being exploited by those who care more for greed than humane treatment of all of God’s image bearers and
3) Upholding marriage as an institution that celebrates the family, not personal fulfillment (whatever that means) first and foremost.


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Who are the Religious Right?

Hugh Hewitt is running an essay contest.  The first of his two questions is one that I think must be answered so the new cycle can gain more clarity-- Who are the Religious Right?

The term “Religious Right” gets used a lot in the media.  Just in the articles since Sunday returned 167 seperate hits that included that phrase.  Using the phrase is easy.  Telling others what it really means?  Now that is hard. 

Does it include me?  I am pro-life, against homosexual marriage, a registered Republican, but also hold two graduate degrees and am close to completely a doctorate (granted in theology). I am also a vegetarian, environmentally conscious, and a devotee of popular culture.  So, am I part of the Religious Right??? 


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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Air Force Academy Scandal Is it okay to practice your religion if it includes evangelism?

Beginning in April a new scandal has swept the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  In 2003 it was sexul abuse (which incidently was largely found to be a few rare incidents and not a systemic problem--despite the attempts of politicians of both parties to make it such).  Now it is religion at issue, and not just religion, but the worst kind.

An an evangelical Christian I struggle with the fact that so many people fear us.  Sure ther are bad evangelical Christians, people who, to use N.T. Wright, the great New Testament theologian, phrase, “Never quite make it to first base as human beings.” But most evangelical Christians are decent, hard-working people who love their families and their communities. Of course the expression of that love includes sharing our faith in Jesus Christ, and that is what is increasingly at issue in America, and especially at the Air Force Academy.


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Monday, May 09, 2005

Personal Update

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The Courts, the Filibuster and Truth: Does it matter?

Is there a Christian position on the issue of the fillibuster crisis in the Senate?  I don’t believe there is with regards to who should sit on the bench or not, but ending the crisis
appears to fall under the basic calling of the Christian - pursuing the truth.

Regardless of whether you are a Democrat or a Republican we all have the desire, as Christians, to see this current process of handling judicial nominees handled right and fairly.  What does that mean? Click below to see my take on this current situation....


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Friday, May 06, 2005

The Air Force Academy and Evangelical Christianity - Where’s the scandal?

If you have followed the new lately you may have heard that the Air Force Academy has become a bastion of Evangelical Christianity.  Does this represent a crisis?

In 2004 a Yale Divinity team came to monitor the Academy to see how the religious climate was handled. Their report based on their one week of review has raised major issues. This report has created a crisis at the Academy and has raised the issue of religion and the academy to new heights. the issue as serious as it has been made out to be? The American’s United for Church and State ceratainly believe so. They have published a report that would indicate that indeed this is a crisis situation.  However, upon further reviw, the major crisis may be the result of the military acting on this report.  Hugh Hewitt, talk show host, lawyer and columnist has written a great response
to the AU report, and I have written a response to Hugh’s piece.

The American’s United report can be found at:

Hugh Hewitt’s article at the Weekly Standard can be found at:

My response appears below:


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