Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why the World is Troubled by Christian Families

On his nationally-syndicated talk show, Hugh Hewitt read aloud from a Boston Globe story about an Evangelical family.  The family hardly seemed newsworthy, which raises the question, why a full length article about an otherwise normal Christian family?  In response to Hugh’s reading, I sent him the following email (which he read in part).

The story can be found at the Boston Globe Web Site at

While Tanya and I live a much more basic lifestyle than the family featured in Hewitt’s article, (I cannot see us ever owning a BMW) and we are egalitarians and not complementarians (or strict subordinationists in the husband-wife context), this family sounds like any that you might find at First Presbyterian Church where we attend. They certainly are not to be feared.  Or are they?  The text of my email to Hugh follows…


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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Death of the Not-So-Tall Giant - A Tribute to Stanley J. Grenz

When I found out this week that my friend, mentor and theological model had died suddenly I experienced the profound shock that comes from experiencing the loss of one who served God so powerfully and yet gently.  What follows is but one of the many tributes to a man who will be solely missed.


The Death of the Not-So-Tall Giant - Stanley J. Grenz
Theologian and Servant of the Lord Jesus and His Church



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