Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Cost of Free Speech

The People of Colorado vs. Ward Churchill.  Does a professor have the right to say whatever he wants?

As anyone who has been watching the news lately probably knows, we have a professor here in state, Ward Churchill, whose Chickens Come Home To Roost paper, written on 9/12/01 made the unfortunate reference to those who died in the 9-11 attacks as “little Eichman’s” (since a fair number were Jewish, one does get a bad feeling about the choice of phrase). 

The question now before us in the state of Colorado is whether or not academic freedom means that he should be allowed to keep his job as professor of Ethnic Studies at CU (my alma mater).  No one, I hope, doubts his right to say such things.  That is what is great about America – people can say the stupidest things and not worry about living the rest of their years in a gulag.  The question is whether Mr. Churchill deserves to keep his job.


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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Parables of Jesus

I taught the following course at First Presbyterian Church during their evening educational program called Getting Together Wednesdays (GTW) during November of 2004.  This course covered the parables of Jesus in the four Gospels.  However, what is covered in this course is not just limited to the traditional spoken parables.

Week 1 focused on the four gospels and their differences and similiarities.  In each of the four gospels, I focused on parables that were unique to each gospel and in general, ones that are not normally focused on (including what I called enacted pararbles - actions of Jesus that serve as parables - ways of communicating deeper truth). 

Week 2 - The Parables of the Gospel of Matthew
Week 3 - The Parables of the Gospel of Mark
Week 4 - The Parables of the Gosepl of John
Week 5 - The Parables of the Surprising Kingdom of God in the Gospel of Luke


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The Iraqi Elections

No matter where you stand on the war in Iraq, you had to be amazed by the images of Iraqi’s, Sunni, Shia and Kurd dancing in the streets and proudly showing the ink stained fingers.  But is this the greatest news of the year? 

This question comes from the point of view that democracy and elections are the greatest good.  While I think very highly of the liberal democratic system, it cannot be our greatest good.  Lets not forget that Adolph Hitler was elected by a democratic system.  At the same time, many great leaders have served, not from a democratic position, but from that of royalty (we don’t use this word often, but, dictatorship).  Queen Elizabeth of England, King David of Israel, and the kings of Siam/Thailand all are examples of decent to great rulers who were not elected shows that while democracy is valuable, it is not the only way to govern a nation.


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The Roving Theologian Returns


Due to health, work and school related problems I decided to take off two months after the election.  Lets be honest, it took a lot out of all of us, especially for those of us who supported George Bush not because he was the greatest president of all time. but for reasons such as justice for nations.  Anyways, The Roving Theologian has returned and will be posting at least 6X a week from now. 

Additionally, please check out the following areas on this website:

Christophers’ Weblogs, from the Summer of 03 and 04, and from the Winter 04 and 05.  These capture my times in England doing my Phd.

OT Overview - These documents are from my class I taught at our church as an OT Survey.

The Minor Prophets - Again, another course I taught on the Minor Prophets

The Parables - A course I taught just this past winter at First Presbyterian Church.

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