Friday, November 19, 2004

Theology of the Gospel of Luke

The following is a paper that I wrote for my Gospel class in Seminary.  When reading the Gospel of Luke, I think you have to come to it with the idea
that the Gospel of God is an upside down reality.

This paper is a companion to the presentation handout on the parable of the Gospel of Luke.


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Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Christian and Civic Religion

In the United States the largest and loudest body of support for two of our strongest forms of civic religion, the mentioning of God in our pledge and on our money, has come from Evangelical Christians.  What a friend of mine was shocked to run into another Christian who did not support these two articles of ?faith,? she was shocked.  But should she be?

Let me state up front that I personally have no problem with either item.  Then again, I do not feel passionate about protecting either item, at least not in and of themselves.  What I will attempt to do here in a short few paragraphs, is state the case for both why and why not these two ?God? items should be kept.


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Friday, November 05, 2004

A Theological Reflection on What the #$BLEEP*! Do We Know? ? Hope Beyond Quantum Physics?

What follows before is my attempt to exegete this movie, and in the end to draw some helpful and I believe true elements from this presentation.  I personally loved the film?but then I have strange tastes in movies.  I have seen in four times, and have laughed at the narrative shown to us to support the films theories and thesis.  Having said that?

The challenge of the movie ?What the #$BLEEP*! Do We Know?? is that it is not easily categorized.  Is it a documentary?  Is it a fictional film?  Is it modernist?  Is it postmodernist?  Well?yes, no, and wrong question.

First let me say that this movie is the strangest concoction I have experienced.  It is one part Quantum Physics, one part Pluralistic and New Age theology, and one part physiology and importance of intention.  It is not, as some have billed, a ?real world Matrix.?  Far from it (though The Matrix trilogy itself allows for a lot of connections to this and many other movies and narratives)!  Instead, it the story of a worldview that the makers of the film are inviting you to believe in ? in fact, they would say, it is the only true narrative out there (point one on why this is not really postmodern, but more modern or hypermodern).


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Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Survey of the Old Testament - Week One - Presented at First Pres Colo Spgs. - Spring 04 GTW

Last Spring (04) my wife Tanya and I presented a five week class that was a worldwind, 30,000 foot survey on the Old Testament.  I hope you find this helpful.

Why We Are Studying the Old Testament

What most people are asked what they like about the Old Testament they almost always say the stories.  While the New Testament, especially Paul?s, Peter?s and John?s letters are absolutely necessary for the guidance they provide on how to live in light of what Jesus has done on the cross, the Epistles just don?t captivate the reader the same way that the stories of Noah, Moses, Samson, Elijah, Jonah and the rest of the cast of characters from the Old Testament do.  But, if you ask many people what they don?t like about the Old Testament, in addition to the genealogies , people will often tell you it?s the stories.  There are so many despicable stories in the Old Testament, that we are not quite sure we want our kids reading these ancient stories. 


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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

November 2nd Most-mortem

Is the new American voter the values voter?  And, does this mean anything for our nation?

This morning there is a lot of talk about what this election turned on.  Clearly Iraq was a major issue, probably driving many young people to the polls and turning some Republican votes to Democrat.  Terrorism seemed to be an issue, but based on Kerry?s strong showing in New York and New Jersey indicates that it may not have been the issue many thought it was.  The economy was an issue, though probably only on the margins ? especially among union voters who have suffered from the new globalized economy. 


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Election Day - Blog Final!

Well, because of kids and computer issues last night, I was unable to Blog the election returns.  To bad, there were many interesting points last night…

Jim Bunning, who may be losing his marbles, but didn’t lose his seat after all.
The media going nuts that Kerry was ahead in Virginia, with 2% Precincts, and then, wait, Bush winning big.
Chris Matthews, who I used to love, using the term “visage” to refer to Bin Laden about fifteen times.
Hearing about Provisional Ballots for far too long.
A local newscaster referring to votes coming into our County this way..."Like patting gravy on the biscuits.” I do not have a clue what that means?
The use of more five syllable words in one night than television has heard in decades.
Seeing the MSM, including FOX (why do people still refer to them as Conservatives, the reason I watch them is because they have Juan Williams, Mara Liason - both of NPR - and Morton Kondracke, my favorite Moderate) unwilling to call Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada because it would mean that the election was over.

And finally, a night without terrorism and without concession speeches.

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Election Day!!!  Blog 4

More states called…

So, they are not calling Missippi?  If Kerry carries MS, I will personally run naked around my neighborhood...and its about 20 degrees.  Does it make anyone else mad that they call states before there are any votes...Come on let the votes count.

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Election Day!!! Blog 3

Surprise 1

Well, could Jim Bunning go down? One Republican friend sitting a few feet from me said, “I wouldnt want a crazy man representing me, no matter what the
party.” Are the people of KY agreeing with him?

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day!!! Blog 2

A Person is smart, People are stupid, paniky and dangersous - Agent K, Men In Black

So...Matt Drudge, whose qualifications are about as good as mine for telling a lie from the truth (wait, my wife told me not to insult myself anymore), managed to kill the Dow today, through Republicans onto their collective ledges, and create the spilling of more virtual ink on the web today than in its history. Mid-day exit polling?  On an election where people have been voting for at least two weeks?  People are panicky.  Not to be abusive...but people are pathetic when their hopes can be crushed by “exit polling.”

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Election Day!!!  Blog 1

Tonight at the Morton casa there will be an election party, non-partisan, as we try and come together after a tough and bitter election.


Tonight is the night.  I for one will be happy to be past election stuff.  I am an absolute politcal junkie.  When I was 8 I used to pretend to be a U.S. Senator!  I watched practically every minute of campaign coverage in 1980, as a ten year old.  I love politics...but I am glad to be done with this.  Lets move on towards talking about even more important stuff (theology) in the future.


Posted by Christopher on 11/02 at 07:32 PM
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