Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Visit 2 - Days 12 and 13 - Of Patch Panels and Flights Home

Wanted to give everyone a heads up on what happened Friday and how my trip home went.

Friday was a great day to remind me why I am a theologian and not a) an accountant b) a computer engineer or c) anything that requires physical labour. 

I literally spent the entire day working alongside the Dead of the College setting up the patch panels for the network in the new library.  This involved: 1) stripping wires 2) cutting down wires to go into patch panels 3) poking in four two wire sets of wires into each and every little hole on the patch panel 4) tying down all the wires so they don?t elope with one another and go and make new networks 5) lather, rinse and repeat. 

Wow, I would love to tell you this was thrilling work.  Imagine, hot humid day, wearing pants, shirt, and bright (hot) work vest, standing on hard concrete floors, bending over in a little space, using a little tool to punch down wires, all while experience intestinal duress ? Yes, it beats EuroDisney, but it certainly did not change my calling to be a theologian. 


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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Visit 2 - Days 10 and 11 - Of Printing, Presenting, and Travel Woes

Sorry this did not go out Thursday night, but I quite simply fell asleep while trying to type. Wednesday and Thursday were packed days. Not exactly ?fun filled? but filled with something.

Wednesday morning dawned early (sounds like the start to that silly novel that Snoopy has been trying to write since the 1950s) and I was up and out of bed at 6. Had to get the last few edits done on my 10K proposal submission that morning, so as soon as I was awake I had grabed my laptop and headed under the tree on the back 40 where I do all my work (when it is not, as Thursday night, doing its best Hurrican Keswick impression and flooding the grounds).

By 9 am I was done, ready to print it out and hand it in and start working on the presentation I had to make.  I was thinking that with 24 hours to work on my presentation, I could write a nice 10 page article that surveyed the sweep of my thesis, and, who knows, maybe even submit it to the Scottish Journal of Theology.  Well that was my plan at least.


Posted by Christopher on 08/07 at 03:08 AM
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