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My Invocation - How do you Pray in “Secular” Settings? Christopher 11/18/09 0
Twitter and Facebook – Help Me Again: Why Should I Do It? Dangers to the Gospel from Social Media Christopher 11/14/09 0
Roy J. Wasson 50th Anniversary Celebration - Guess Who is Doing the Invocation? They are following the same progam as the one from 1959, and that original program had an invocation from the local Unitarian minister at the time.  This was 1959, before prayer in school was banned.  As this is an event of the Alumni Association, they are including an invocation again this… Christopher 11/14/09 0
What does the phrase Emotional Reasoning Mean to You? Christopher 11/13/09 0
Why Iran Matters? Christopher 10/27/09 0
Intersesting Article on California from the liberal New Republic Christopher 10/27/09 0
Ethiopia Trip Update Christopher 05/15/09 0
Great Article on Carrie Prejean and 17 year old Mistakes vs. 21 year old Mistakes Christopher 05/07/09 0
Why the Chrysler Bankruptcy Deal is Dangerous Christopher 05/05/09 0
On Trying to Find Meaning through Swine Flu Christopher 05/01/09 0
A Christian Perspective on “Torture” and the U.S. Interogation Methods Christopher 04/28/09 0
My Take on Global Warming - Going back to 2007 Christopher 12/31/08 0
Is the Global Warming Crowd (sorry, Global Climate Change) finally headed for defeat Despite all their best efforts they have not been able to convince the majority of average Americans this is a priority.  Now around the globe many others have begun to notice one big problem - the world stopped warming in 1998 (which was not the warmest year ever, or even on… Christopher 12/29/08 0
A Changing Society - Socialization of GenerationMe If you are interested, please read this paper and itneract with me on these socialization trends and others you think I should have addressed.  I appreciate all any feedback you want to give me. Christopher Morton at Socializing_a_New_Generation__From_Post_Literacy_to_Shame_What_Has_Changed_for_Todays_Under_40s.doc Christopher 12/18/08 0
Is the Book Dying?  An Interesting Piece on Reading in America Well there is a very intersting artile on the website The New Atlantis on the printed page vs electronic.  Read it here: And for an interesting read on the subject of the end of literacy, you really should check the well written if insultingly titled The Dumbest Generation: Hugh Hewitt,… Christopher 12/17/08 0
Want to Suppprt The Morton Family Ministry In January and February I will be going overseas for two weeks for a taeching ministry trip to England and to Africa (cannot say more...).  Would you consider giving a one-time gift to help me go and serve the church around the world?  The total cost of the trip is about… Christopher 12/16/08 0
Global Warming’s End and Kyoto’s?  Bringing Truth and Common Sense Back to Conservation and Ecology The good news is that it looks like the Son of Kyoto is essentially dead, or at least so sickly that we do not have to worry about global treaties impacting our economy and foreign policy.  Now if we can just get Obama to pass on “Cap and Trade”!  Well, here… Christopher 12/15/08 0
Postmodernism, Pluralism and Bears (Markets) Oh My - Challenges to Ministry in the 21st Century Christopher 12/06/08 0
New Class Notes - A Class on Calling Calling_Week_1_Class_Notes.doc Calling_Week_2_Class_Notes.doc Calling_Week_3_Class_Notes.doc Calling_Week_4_Class_Notes.doc Calling_Week_5_Class_Notes.doc Christopher 12/02/08 0
Quick Thoughts on the Financial Crisis Christopher 09/19/08 0
9.11 - Seven Years Later and Explaining it to Your 2nd Grader - Personal Reflections on today Christopher 09/12/08 0
GenerationME - Post 2 - Living Anyway You Want The strict rules of previous decades went far beyond appearance...Overall, duty and responsibility were held more important than individual needs and wants.  There were certain things you did, certain things you said, and certain things you didn’t talk about.  End of story.  Today, few of these rules apply. We are driven… Christopher 09/08/08 0
So What to Think of Sarah Palin and Her Baby Problem Christopher 09/03/08 0
GenerationME - Understanding Younger Generations and Challenges for the Gospel - Post 1 Here is the the first highlight from GenerationME (pages 5-6) All of this, and we don’t have a name.  People born in the late 1960s to the 1970s are often labeled “GenerationX,” but they have not been reexamined since being named in the early 1990s, long before their primary identity veered… Christopher 09/01/08 0
New Posting Series - Generation ME and Its Findings Christopher 08/27/08 0
Two Great Articles Today on Georgia, Russia and China Christopher 08/12/08 0
On Georgia, Russia and the Cause of Freedom Christopher 08/11/08 0
Obama as Postmodernist - Jonah Goldberg Hits On a Key Point Christopher 08/05/08 0
The China Olympics - To Cheer or Not? Christopher 08/04/08 0
On Tiger Woods, the Pele Speech and Divine Encounters - What is Right and Wrong with America Christopher 06/21/08 0
10 Most Male Insulting Commericals - Thank you to Christopher 06/13/08 0
Ken Griffey Jr. - A True Legend in our Time Christopher 06/10/08 0
Bush Hatred is NOT Helpful Christopher 06/04/08 0
The Physical Cost of Disease - Personal and Global Christopher 05/13/08 0
Tibet, Kosovo, and the Olympics - Living up to Our Values Christopher 03/15/08 0
A Primer on Black Theology and Question for Senator Obama Christopher 03/14/08 0
Giving to The Navigators - The Roving Theologian is not speaking as Navigator Staff when he writes Christopher 03/13/08 0
What About Homosexuality - An Addendum Christopher 03/13/08 0
Why “Experts” Never Agree with Normal People - Calling my Friend Brandon Fibbs a Film Snob Christopher 03/13/08 0
Greetings to Hugh Hewitt Readers Christopher 03/13/08 0
EJ. Dionne, Hugh Hewitt and What Seperates conservative Christians andLiberal Christians on politics ! Christopher 03/12/08 0
An Interesting Read - David Mamet on the Conversion to Clear Thinking Christopher 03/12/08 0
Why the Supreme Court Matters Not Just for the Right, but for Democracy Christopher 02/07/08 0
A Look at the Candidates as of January 31 - The Republicans Christopher 02/01/08 0
New Class - The Big Idea: The Suprising Kingdom of God Christopher 01/31/08 0
A Look at the Candidates as of January 31 - First up, the Democrats Christopher 01/31/08 0
New Paper - How did we Get to Charismatic America Christopher 01/25/08 0
Pope Benedict - A Stand Against Casual Sex Christopher 01/01/08 0
2008 - A Year of New Promise Christopher 01/01/08 0
The Romney Speech - Can We Vote for a Mormon President Christopher 12/07/07 0
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