Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Days 1 and 2 - Problems Problems Everywhere

Well, greetings from Manchester everyone. It is Wednesday morning here, and sorry for not writing earlier. Jet lag is much worse in the summer than the winter.

I had great plans for a smooth trip to Manchester went I left the house Monday morning. Out the door at 9am for my 1:26 flight.  Things were going to go smoothly, I was sure of it.  They did until I made it to DIA.

I really do like United.  They took good care of me. But can someone please explain why the international check-in area had two people working it for a line that looked like the one at Space Mountain at Disneyland?  Two people?  When half the people I was in line with didn?t speak English as their primary language?  So? I waited, and waited, standing on the oh so ergonomically healthy hard tile floor at DIA.  After an hour, I was finally first in line.  The attendant waved me on, I was moving forward?when out of the middle of the lien jumped this lady who, because she had already missed her flight, figured that she didn?t need to wait anymore.  I was stopped dead in my tracks. Well, the check-in woman was having none of that. She, um, filled her in the workings of lines in America, and sent her off to? well, I am not sure.  Then she waved for the next person.  I was crestfallen? but wait, she see?s me, and waves me forward.  I am finally checking in.

Put my first bag on the scale and, rip, the bottom plastic slider thing rips off.  Hmm? An omen?  No, just a bit of bad luck. After about twenty feet of tape to bind up the bags wounds, the bag was sent through the conveyor, as was my second bag (total weight 82 lbs).  While was she was checking me in, I put my backpack on the scale, just, you know. A solid 41 pounds. Well, not a problem. Lots of lead time everywhere so I wont have to walk to fast with it on my back. 


Posted by Christopher on 06/23 at 07:26 AM
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